Graphic Design

Graphic design is a combination of Text and Images to present a message visually for better understanding in a specific format as per your requirement. Graphics are required in all elements of web / multimedia solutions, each and every information you wish to communicate is visually represented with additional text adding more value.

Color is a very important part of any graphic design. We associate color in our day-to-day activities to identify and remember a lot of things, for example: we can hear people say “ that officer in the Blue uniform or the madam in the Red dress”. We try to create new combination of colors for us to associate with, for people to remember us by. It is a form of advertisement.

To fulfill your marketing needs, you have to decide on the right design which would automatically tell about your business. To get the right design for your business, you need to hire a professional graphic designing company, who can understand your requirement.

We at AmulyaSoft provide professional graphic design solutions. We have a dedicated team of professional graphic designers, who are committed in providing quality work with an on time delivery, at affordable rates.

Our Graphic Design solutions include :

  • Logo Design:

    It is an emblem or a symbol used to represent a company. A Logo is normally designed in a way to represent the nature / functionality of an organization or related with the type of product / type of service provided by that organization. An effective Logo plays a vital role in the Identity, representation, marketability and consumer acceptability of a Business Entity.

    An emblem or a symbol along with an unique color combination always stands out from the rest of the group, which is always easily identified and remembered. We at Amulya Soft toil hard in producing Unique Logos with Creative and one-of-a-kind Color Combination by which you can identify yourself to others.

    Visit our portfolio page to have a glance at our recent logo design works!

  • Icon Design:

    Icons are very small, but play an integral part in the branding of your company. An icon is nothing but buttons that is used to represent the features on any of your website / web application. Uniformity plays a major role in branding, an icon is designed matching to the Website / web application along with the organization logo.

    We at Amulya Soft custom design icons to be used on your websites and also on your desktop computers. Apart from designing unique icon designs , we also have a wide range of template icon designs, which would be customized to suit your organization.

    At AmulyaSoft we have a talented team of designers, who are involved in designing unique and attractive icon designs for our esteemed clients.

    Visit our portfolio page to check on our recent Icon design projects!

  • Business Cards / Letter head:

    Business cards are a form of establishing your identity among your peers, with an effective business card you have a strong tool to attract customers at your finger tips. We at Amulya Soft create professional business cards that makes an immediate impression.

    Letterheads are an essential tool for communicating with your clients and customers. Presenting yourself to your customers plays a very important role in promoting your business. We create attractive and aesthetically designed letterheads that makes a positive and lasting impression.

    We design your Business Cards and Letterheads according to the current trends at affordable rates. We believe in giving quality services on time to our customers.

    Contact Us NOW to have a brand new Business Card / Letter Head Designed.

  • Brochures Design:

    Brochure also known as pamphlet is an effective form of showcasing the profile, product and services of an organization. Brochures serve many purpose, widely used for 3 purpose : Informative, Advertising and Identification. Our designers have in-depth knowledge and experience in designing professional and engaging Brochure layout for any organization and their product / service. Every brochure is custom designed for your requirements.

    Various Types of Brochure Design solutions we provide:

    a) Flyer / Single fold Design

    b) Bi-fold Design

    c) Tri-fold Design

    d) Gate-fold Design

    e) Folder Design

    f) Booklet Design

    g) Catalog Design

    Visit our portfolio page to check on our recent Brochure designs!

  • Vectorization Service:

    Vector Design also commonly known as Graphic Vectorization is the process of converting raster images into vector drawings. Raster image is formed of pixels with the color values stored in individual block with high density value which on magnification is not clear on detail, vector image / drawing is formed of lines and arcs which are drawn between specific coordinates which upon magnification provides accurate detailing. At Amulya Soft we have an efficient team of Vector Designers who are efficient in producing accurate vector design at very affordable rates.

    Visit our portfolio page to check on our recent Vector designs!

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