Web Development

Web Development is a process much similar to a business process, constructed carefully and effectively in various stages to ensure maximum result. At Amulya Soft, our team concentrates hard and pays attention to every minute detail in the process of web development to ensure you reach the set targets and thereby ensuring maximum result.

At Amulya Soft we follow a 7 stage web development process:

  1. Data Collection / Requirement Analysis
  2. Planning / Specification Building
  3. Layout / Design
  4. Coding / Construction
  5. Testing
  6. Launch / Marketing
  7. Maintenance / Updates


Stage 1 - Requirement Analysis / Data Collection :

Stage 1 of the web development process is the most important phase. When you call us for a web development process our first step will be to understand your complete requirement. Our technical team will have an extensive interaction with you, allowing you to explain in detail about the kind of product / service offered by you and your target audience along with the style in which you would like to present it to your customers. We collect all the necessary data from you, based on your requirements. This stage will have a direct impact on the end result, even a minor detail change can affect the entire web development process.

Stage 2 - Planning / Specification Building :

In this stage our technical team analyzes all the requirement details and the data collected in Stage 1 to form a work flow chart to get the desired output. Based on the work flow chart, scenarios are created to plan for the type of environment suitable to meet your requirements. Our team creates efficient scenarios to encounter varied events that would arise during the entire web development process. The work flow chart and the scenarios gives us the entire plan and structure of the web development process for your requirements.


Stage 3 - Layout / Design :

A general layout structure is built to incorporate all the features required. The layout is designed to fit in all functionality without disturbing one another. All your required details are placed in order to maintain niftiness. We get a confirmation from you regarding the design / layout and proceed on to the next Stage.

The possible steps in the process of web site engineering.

Stage 4 - Coding / Construction :

All the necessary programming functions are done in this stage. Our expert programmers do all the necessary coding to get the desired solutions. Our programmers also work closely with our design team to ensure that the coding does not affect the design or the layout.


Stage 5 - Testing :

A complete quality analysis report is done to identify any issues regarding the entire functionality of the website. Unlike software testing automated testing is not sufficient so we do an extensive manual testing to ensure the website functions properly under different scenarios. All necessary action is taken to ensure all issues are fixed and made ready for launch. Testing is a process which is performed before and after launching the website.


Stage 6 - Launch / Marketing :

When the development process and the testing process is complete we launch the site /application. Now, we start the process of taking it to your target audience. Marketing or Promotion is not a onetime activity, it is a constant process carried out using various methods. The methods of Marketing / Promotion vary from one product / service to another, based on the necessity various methods are applied to obtain optimal results.

Stage 7 - Maintenance and Updates :

Constant monitoring and up-gradation is done as per the requirement. Inputs from your customers are received and sent to you for assessment. Updates are made constantly to ensure 24/7 service is maintained for your customers. In-case of any addition or redesigning we again start with stage 1 – requirement analysis, since a system is already in place all the stages are not required. As per the requirement analysis only the required stages are implemented. 
Our team continuously works towards providing finest & best of results for you, always bearing in mind the target of achieving the maximum result possible. Our expert panel throughout the web development process provides you with suggestions to help enhance and gain the best of results.

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